Today in the city Thompson 13.12.2017

Cavaliers centre Tristan Thompson coming back in reserve role

Cleveland coach Tyronn Lue said Thompson will come off the bench, and Kevin Love will remain the starting centre

Golf : fin de pénalités pour pointage erroné

Les joueurs de golf n'écoperont plus d'une punition de deux coups pour une carte au score incorrect s'ils n'étaient pas au courant d'une infraction au moment de la signer. De plus, la...

Why Donald Trump’s visit to Mississippi Civil Rights Museum could lead to protests, boycotts

“To come and somehow give the impression that things are all right, that we’re getting along, was absolutely the wrong message,” said Rep. Bennie Thompson.

An Introvert’s Guide To Surviving Office Holiday Parties

December hits and it's officially "holiday season." This also means the onslaught of party invites and the dreaded office party, which many introverts dread. While many businesses are opting out of el...

Scott Thompson: There is always some ready to exploit the grieving

What makes Hamiltonians great is they love to help anyone who needs it but don’t ever take advantage of that generosity because they know how hard everyone has worked for it.

Scott Thompson: Has Wynne made life better for you?

Are you aware 85 per cent of your electricity bill is their global adjustment charge to pay for Wynne’s energy mistake?

Scott Thompson: Will Trump help Team Russia at winter games?

Considering the rumoured bromance between U.S. President Donald Trump and Putin, maybe The Donald will let the Russians join Team USA and they can all march under the stars and stripes.

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